Artist:   Nikos  G. Alexiades

Drawing On Stone

In December of 2014 I started experiment to draw on limestone and marble. First I had to discover a way to prepare the stone so it can take the pencil. After a month long of experiments, I came up with a three chemical formula that would prepared the surface to take the graphite. Upon completion of a drawing on stone, I apply seven coats of acrylic with a compressor and sanding between coats with fine steel wool. This protects the drawing which can be washed at any time.

I enjoy drawing subjects that with the first glance you can see that it has a story to tell.  My inspiration for a drawing comes from  photos that I have taken or photos that I find on the internet or from clients that depicts life.

I am a self trained artist with only a high school education in art and after a 32 year without drawing, I started to draw in August of 2011. I hope my story encourages other artists and especially the young to continue with their craft.

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